Dual, six-axis robotic singulation and induction (RSAI) solution

Harness the Power of AI: Experience automated processing and increased speed with Covariant's Dual, Six-Axis Robotic Singulation and Induction Solution. Process up to 2,800 parcels an hour with precision accuracy.

A dual, six-axis robotic singulation and induction (RSAI) solution has been developed to help DCs overcome several challenges. Powered by Covariant artificial intelligence and able to process up to 2,800 parcels an hour at peak capability, the solution enables DCs to overcome an upturn in e-commerce order volumes, along with ever-rising labor turnover and a decline in warehouse space. With a processing ability range of 1,900 to 2,500 parcels an hour, the solution can accurately and rapidly identify items from bulk infeed and pick them, due to its combination of advanced robotic technologies. It can place singulated packages in an orientation most ideal for downstream processes. Driven by high-tech computer vision, machine learning algorithms and vision software, the solution enables 2D and 3D data to be effortlessly combined.

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Flexible, scalable, modular robotic order fulfillment systems
Labor cost, availability and safety are challenging for even the most efficient operations. Robotic solutions deliver the speed, accuracy and efficiency to fulfill a broad range of operational requirements for distribution centers. FORTNA experts will partner with your business to engineer flexible, scalable and modular solutions that meet your unique business needs.

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FORTNA partners with the world’s leading brands to transform omnichannel and parcel distribution operations. Known world-wide for enabling companies to keep pace with digital disruption and growth objectives, we design and deliver solutions, powered by intelligent software, to optimize fast, accurate and cost-effective order fulfillment and last mile delivery. Our people, innovative approach and proprietary algorithms and tools ensure optimal operations design and material and information flow. We deliver exceptional value every day to our customers with comprehensive services and products including network strategy, distribution center operational design and implementation, material handling automated equipment, robotics and a comprehensive...

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