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Mechanical Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC)

Vertical reciprocating conveyors are designed to move goods and materials between multiple floor levels quickly and safely.

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Vertical reciprocating conveyors are designed to move goods and materials between multiple floor levels quickly and safely.

Mechanical VRC lifts may be configured for C, Z, or L loading patterns between floor levels and are available in a wide variety of platform sizes and capacities. No riders are allowed.

Models may be floor mounted or pit mounted. Mechanical VRC lifts are well suited to multiple level stops. Enclosures are quoted separately. Inquire about our vertical reciprocating conveyors today.

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Special Features & Benefits

  • All of our controllers are assembled in our UL listed panel shop
  • These units conform ASME B20.1
  • These units also conform to VRC Guidelines – as referenced in ASME B20.1
  • Motors are equipped with integral holding brakes
  • All units have double chains
  • The carriages also have mechanical locking brakes in case of chain failure.
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Advance lifts has been building scissors lifts since 1974. Our modern 120,000 Sq. Ft plant located in St. Charles, IL houses state of the art equipment and is manned by a well-trained group of employees who are dedicated to providing our customers outstanding products. Our Goal is to make the entire process of buying, installing and servicing of our products, as easy and trouble free as possible for all of our customers.

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