Systems Loading Dock Equipment
Poweramp LHP Hydraulic Dock Leveler

The Poweramp® LHP Series Leveler is a durable choice for light-medium loads and has been utilized by facilities for over 60 years.

Poweramp’s LHP Series hydraulic leveler has combined cost-effective technology with our efficient deck and frame design to produce a reliable, price sensitive hydraulic dock leveler. Push-button activation operates the leveler and automatically extends the lip. The deck is raised with one main hydraulic cylinder, while the lip uses a fixed but yieldable lip cylinder. An external non-adjustable velocity fuse is used to accomplish platform free-fall protection.

The platform for the LHP is designed and constructed with cost-effective technology with an efficient deck and frame. With a maximum Comparative Industry Rating (CIR) of 40,000 lbs, the LHP is a great choice for most loading dock applications.

Safety features are unmatched with full range telescoping toe guards and a built-in lockout/tagout maintenance inspection strut.

When installed withiDock® Controlsand a light communication package, the LHP dock leveler can also connect to the cloud withmyQ® Dock Management. With this online software you will have access to valuable data of your loading dock activity, helping your facility improve efficiency and reduce expenses.

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Systems is a leading manufacturer of structurally superior loading dock equipment. Under the brands of Poweramp, McGuire, and DLM, products include loading dock levelers, vehicle restraints, seals and shelters, dock accessories, and more. Systems equipment can also be installed with technologically advanced iDock® Controls and myQ® Dock Management, a web-based software for online loading dock analytics. This IoT technology gives you the ability to monitor your dock activity and improve operational efficiency.

Systems Loading Dock Equipment
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Systems Loading Dock Equipment
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