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Propane-powered forklifts

Superior fuel inside and out. Propane can do that.

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With regularly scheduled maintenance, propane forklifts offer clean performance that you can leverage for indoor tasks as well as outdoor. The same can’t be said for diesel and gasoline forklifts. And if your goal is to run a green business, propane is a cleaner alternative to electric forklifts — the source of harmful emissions caused by battery manufacturing and recharging. Speaking of recharging, the downtime caused by electric forklifts can put a real dent in your productivity. With propane forklifts, refueling is as simple as changing out a cylinder and getting back to work — while electric models can take hours to recharge.

Above all else, propane brings the muscle you need to get the job done. Compared with electric, propane forklifts give you sustained, 100 percent power with every cylinder. Electric forklifts begin losing power from the beginning of the job. So when you’ve got quotas to meet, which energy source would you rather have on your side? To learn more about propane-powered forklifts, watch the video above, and be sure to

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Propane Education & Research Council
Mi 40g,Mi 50g和Mi 70g丙烷升降机卡车
Propane-powered industrial forklifts provide heavy lift capacities

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